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Long time, I know

Life is busy, but do to a little nudge from a friend, I'll try to update this more regularly (like I originally planned).

You might as well forget about the original list of cast members, the actors have changed. The babies that I wrote about before have all pretty much moved up to the Toddler room.

Ella is still with me though; she's crawling a litttlllee bit, walking if she can death grip your fingers, and protests loudly (aka falls out) when you make her stand on her own. She's slowly improving her mobility though, and I'm hoping that she'll be able to move up to the Toddler room soon.

I mentioned John early as being one of the newer babies in my room. He's 16 months old (I earlier listed him as 14 months, which was inaccurate). I honestly am concerned that he is physically and mentally delayed. He has a really hard time being with the other kids - he cries constantly still. He has extreme difficulty eating solid food. He still drinks three 8 ounce bottles a day, but now is on soy formula because he's allergic to dairy. We found this out the reeeaaally bad way - believe me, getting puked on is an awful experiance. He won't put his feet on the ground when you try to stand him up, instead he scissors them underneath himself. The only noise he makes is crying or whining, once in a while a grunt. I've tried to mention things to his parents, but they just say that "All children develop differentely"...which is totally true, but all of this is still a concern and it should be addressed. At the very least, he needs physical therapy to help him physically develop right now. I work with him as much as I can, but it's difficult because he's quite infant-like. more sad news, here's a couple hopefully amusing stories for you:

Unfortunately for her parents, Ella's favorite things to say right now are "Hiiiiiii", "No no", "Dooogggy", "Mo-Mo" (more), and (my personal favorite) "Poooooopyyyy"...said in a very drawn out manner, at completely inappropriate times (eating lunch mostly).
For example, lunch today was mac and cheese, and I ask Ella, "Is it good?" and she replies, "Poooooooopppyyyyyy". I tell her, "No Ella, say 'yuuummmmyyy'" but all I get in reply is "Poooooooopyyyyy". Does she say it when she's actually poopy? Of course not, then it's, "Dooooogggyyyy" or "sit sit sit" (which sounds suspiciously like "shit", which would then be appropriate, I suppose).

One of the babies in my room is 10 months old; she's crawling all over the place, and she thinks that she's a year old and can walk all over the place. On Friday I was changing her diaper when the phone rang, sounding that it was an outside call. I quickly finished changing her, washed my hands, and ran over to answer the phone on the last I talked to the parent on the other end, I glance back over to where I had quickly set Katie down and realized I forgot to lock the cabinet that the diapers and wipes are in. Katie must have realized it at the same time as I did because she stood up, like a big girl, grabbed the handle and fell back on her butt...opening the door. At this point I'm not concerned...all the wipes are in closed containers, the most she can do is pull them out on the floor like big blocks.
Boy was I wrong.
The parent I was talking to kept going on and on and on...and as I chatted with jer, and reassured that her child was sleeping soundly, I watched helplessly as Katie managed to open up one of the wipe containers and pull out the wipes (like tissues) one by one (once in a while tasting one, then deciding it was gross and throwing it behind her)...until she had empited probably 25 wipes onto the ground.
As soon as the conversation with the parent was over, I ran over, scooped little Katie into the air and could I scold her when it was my fault that I left it open in the first place, and it wasn't that big of a mess to clean up.
Learned my lesson that day though.

K, I know these weren't that exciting or funny of stories, but it's what I'm working with right now. School has started, but I'm working a lot still, so hopefully I'll be able to write in here once or twice a week.
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New baby today. He's 14 months old, doesn't walk, doesn't crawl, scoots around on his butt a bit, doesn't pull himself up to stand, doesn't eat solid food, isn't on milk (just formula), takes two two-hour naps every day, and cried all day long today - even when I was holding him and rocking him. I'll call him John. I'm praying he adjusts fast cause by the end of the day my head was buzzing.

Austin learned a new thing today. When he learns something new, he becomes obsessed with it, and that's all he does or says. This is why, for the past two weeks, the only noise that he made was screaming at the top of his lungs. Anyway, today, to my immense gratification, Austin learned "E-I-E-I-O" though, he leaves out the "O" and just goes "E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I..." and after 5 hours of this you would think that it would be annoying, but it's *so* much better than the ear-splitting screeching.

Anita was there today. Between her and John, it was a noisy day, but she actually took a nap on the cot. There was much rejoicing by all.

Today wasn't much better than yesterday. I'll be very glad when this week is over. With the V.P. (and apparently the President as well) of Corporate coming this week, tensions are just too high. It's making the kids on edge, which makes my job that much more difficult. Next week I plan on stripping all the kids down to their diapers, letting them do pudding paintings and then taking them outside to play in the grass and water in the sensory table. Maybe, for good measure, I'll bring in frosting to put on graham crackers and get the babies all sugared up too. They deserve some crazy time where people aren't freaking out about the room being clean.

That's all for tonight!
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Management can suck sometimes

So, today we found out that the V.P. of corporate is coming to visit by the end of the week. This news created more chaos than I could ever imagine at a daycare. Management went *nuts*.

About 4:00 the director and both assistant directors walk into my classroom and proceed to immediately list out everything that is wrong about my room. They don't even bother to say, "Hi, how are you doing today? How're the kids?" Nope, they just start talking amongst themselves and nitpicking *everything* and saying, "This needs to be done; this isn't good; why don't we make a list and have her do it by the end of the day" (the end of the day is in TWO HOURS and I still have FOUR kids in my room!).

Now...imagine that this is your work, the classroom your office space, and imagine that the three people who are your bosses walk in the room and just start talking about how bad your work has been lately and what needs to improve. Imagine how that would make you feel, especially if you've worked your butt off lately and done everything that they've asked of you to the best of your abilities. That's how I felt.

On top of this, James is teething again...I'm thinking his molars because he keeps putting his finger in the back of his mouth and chewing...and he had a fever this afternoon and was very clingy, just wanting to be held.

On top of *that*, Gabby and Austin thought the afternoon would be a perfect time to follow each other around the room and tackle each other, take all the toys off the shelves, and crawl in the rocking chair and push each other.

On top of *that*, Ella's mom is out of town for the week, so instead of being picked up at 3:30-4:00, she has to wait for dad, and he doesn't come until about 5:30. This makes for a crabby Ella; she hates change (which is probably why she hasn't bothered to even attempt crawling).

Anyway.....even with all that, the day wasn't awful. James made it fun. When we were doing art today he invented a new game, it goes like this:
James picks out a marker from the bin and hands it to me.
I exclaim, "Oh THANK YOU!" and smile big.
James laughs hysterically.
Repeat all steps for a good twenty minutes.
Who knew markers could be so fun?

Last issue of the day: GOOD NEWS!
James does *not* have Celiac's Disease! All tests came back negative. He's getting tested for cystic fibrosis now, but the only symptom he has is that he's under-developed physically, so everyone's doubtful he has it. He's just a little guy.

Anyway....hope everyone's day was good! I'm off to do the dishes and study for finals.
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Intros All Around

Work today was unfortunately uneventful. I was hoping that I would have a funny story to start this blog out with a bang, but such is the life of kids - they never do funny things when you want them to do, and they're always getting in trouble when you least expect it. So, instead of a story, I'll just do an introduction of the cast.

The Adults

Me - I'm a 21 year old secondary education major. I live at home and attend a local university where I'm a senior, though I won't be graduating for another two years. I am the lead teacher in the "older" infant room...which means that I take care of four babies at a time. We have about fifteen babies total at my daycare, with five/six of those being in my room. I *love* my job.

April - the other teacher in my room. She's older than me and has three kids of her own. I'm in the room more often, but because I'm a student, she's there when I'm at class.

The Babies

Austin - 15 months old, doesn't say any words but LOVES to scream at the top of his lungs (super annoying). Doesn't walk, but crawls very fast and climbs onto everything (bookshelves, rocking chairs, little picnic table, toy chests, other babies...). Favorite toy: large stuffed bunny and little musical seat.

Gabby - 15 months old, favorite saying is "alll done", but also goes on and on in baby gibberish. Does her baby-sign-language amazing! She can sign "more", "milk", "change", "help", "thank you". Favorite thing to do is escape out the room when the door is open and run down the hallway with one shoe on. Sometimes she tries to eat the other shoe. Gabby *loves* her baby doll and always tries to help with the little babies by "burping" them and bringing them blankets and toys. She also loves to tackle the older babies, especially Austin.

Ella - 15 months old, jabbers on and on and loves to say "hi" to anyone who walks in the door, but her current favorite word is "doggy" for some reason. Doesn't do baby-signs, and doesn't walk, in fact Ella doesn't even crawl. She's a big girl, and pretty unmotivated when it comes to getting around places, which can be a little annoying at times because she's heavy. Total cutie though, physically and personality, until you make her do her exercises and put her on her hands and knees or make her stand, then the tears flow like a fire hose and the crying hurts your ears.

James - 13 months old. The total opposite of Ella, James is just a little guy. He's so small in fact that he doesn't even list on the weight chart (they're currently testing him for Celiac's Disease). He walks, but not that steadily yet, so he gets around by crawling a little still. Like Austin, James doesn't talk yet, but he grunts (which is way better than screaming). When I turn on the faster music, he *loves* to dance. He's the cutest baby in my room, and also my favorite.

Anita - 14 months old, but my newest baby. Anita is having a hard time adjusting because her mom does everything for her at home and carries her around all the time. She also cosleeps with mom, so naptime at school is hard. She's really cute, and when she's not crying she's a lot of fun. I'm still getting to know her, and because she's still adjusting I probably won't have many stories about her.

And that's about it for now. If you add me as a friend, please tell me a bit about yourself! I probably won't add you back because I have another livejournal that I use for personal uses, this is just to write out my stories in, but I'm hoping for a lot of readers.
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no lies just love

In the Beginning

I am an infant teacher at a daycare (more formally known as a Child Development Center). I often tell stories about what happens at school to my family and friends and they generally get a kick out of it, so I decided to create this journal as a way to spread the joys of taking care of children.

Along with the infant room, I sometimes work with the Kindergarten and as a floater. This means that I get a wide variety of experiance and work with children between the ages of 11 weeks and 6 years old (sometimes up to 12 years old in the summer).

Most of these commentaries will be about the children that I take care of. They'll all be true stories.

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